Wednesday, 10 October 2012

 Near RIMS Hospital, Kadapa 516002.  Ph: 200120, 200633
City Centre:  RAMAKRISHNA MATH, Trunk Road, Kadapa 516001. Ph: 241633
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Sundays at 6.00 p.m.    (TELUGU)

Oct 14                          Viveka Chudamani                                                                                                   
Nov 18                                           Swami Atmavidanandaji

Oct    07, 21, 28           Vishu Sahasra Nama                                   
Nov   4, 11, 25,                              Swami Achintyanandaji

Saturdays   at 6 pm  (Telugu)

Oct   06, 13, 20, 27,    Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritam
Nov  03, 10, 17, 24,                       Br. Bhava Chaitanya                       


Oct 14 & Nov 11    (Sunday)   8.30  to 1.00 p.m.            
                                       Monthly half day Anter-Yogam                                   

Oct 22     (Monday)      ‘Sri Durga Mahastami
Nov  20 to 24               Temple Dedidcation programmes   
                                     (Please see details in separate programme displayed)

Other Programmes
Oct  9      Tuesday        Swami Abhedananda Jayanti                                            
Oct 15     Monday        Swami Akhandanand Jayanti
Nov 13    Tuesday        Sri Kali Puja
Nov 25     Sunday         Swami Subodhananda Jayanti
Nov 27     Tuesday        SwamiVijnanananda  Jayanti
Oct :11 (Thu), 25 (Thu),     Ekadashis - Sri RamanamaSankirtanam
Nov:10(Sat), 24 (Sat)                                               after evening Arati

                 Daily Evening       :  Arati and Bhajans   -   6.40 to 7.30 p.m.          


 Near RIMS Hospital, Kadapa 516002.  Ph: 200120, 200633
City Centre:  RAMAKRISHNA MATH, Trunk Road, Kadapa 516001. Ph: 241633
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                                  MONTHLY ANTERYOGAM PROGRAMME

SUNDAY                       October 14 & November 11      8.30am to 1.00 pm        



     09.00 am   Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Parayana

          09.30 am    VEDIC CHANTING, GITA CHANTING
                             BHAJANS,  GUIDED MEDITATION


     10.45 am    TEA BREAK

11.            05am     BHAJAN

     11.15am     DISCOURSE

12.            15pm     ASHTOTTARA  SHATA  NAMA  ARCHANA


01.00pm     LUNCH PRASAD
               participants are requested to attend the full programme.
Sponsorship for Prasad/Donations thankfully accepted



                                     (A branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission, PO Belur Math, Dt. Howrah, WB, 711202
                       Putlampalli near RIMS Hospital, Kadapa 516002.  Ph: 200120, 200633
City Centre:  RAMAKRISHNA MATH, Trunk Road, Kadapa 516001. Ph: 241633               email:    Web Site:

20 – 23  NOVEMBER 2012

Dear Friends
The Universal Temple of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna at Kadapa will be consecrated on 22nd November 2012  by Srimat Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj, Vice President, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math.  The celebration is for 4 days from 20th to 23rd November as per the programme given here after.  A good number of Monks from various centres of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission all over the country and abroad will be gracing the occasion.  A large number of devotees are also expected from Kadapa and outside.  We welcome one and all to this joyful occasion.
Yours in the service of the Lord
Swami Atmavidananda
Note:  Out station delegates may please contact the reception counters on arrival at  Railway station and New Bus stand for  guidance and help. Free Buses will be plying from our City Centre (Chennur Bus Stand) to Mission campus near new RIMS Hospital and back via Old Bus-stand & New Bus Stand, throughout the day on 22 November to facilitate participation of  delegates and local devotees.
Donations for the celebrations will be thankfully accepted and acknowledged.   
Mission centre, Putlampalli

20-11-2012  Tuesday                     
6.00 am                      Vastu Homa and other Pujas
Chief Priest:  Sri Naishadha Pratap Sharma,Kadapa

                                    Puja co-ordinators :   Swami Natarajanandaji, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Ghatshila
                                                                      Swami Satyavidanandaji, RamakrishnaMath,Ulsoor,Bangalore    
3.30 – 6.00 pm            Youth Programme

                                     President:     Swami Jitakamanandaji, President, Ramakrishna Math, Mangalore        

                                     Chief Guest: Sri Bhagavanth Rao,
                                                              Managing Director, State Bank of Hyderabad, Hyderabad                                                              
                                     Vedic Chanting & Swadesha Mantra:   Ramakrishna Balakashrama boys
                                     Welcome : Swami Parijneyanandaji
                                                                                           Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad
                                      Speaker :Swami Bodhamayanandaji.Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad               
                                      Prize Distribution : Winners of essay/quiz contest
                                                             on Swami Vivekananda ‘Awakening India’                                      
 Cultural programme  :

·         Vivekananda Vidyaniketan Children                                                                                                                           
·         National Integration –Nrityamalika:
                                                                         Smt.Sandhya Murthy and troupe 
                                                                         Nritya Kala Nilayam, Anantapur

                                         Vote of Thanks:  Swami Guneshanandaji,
                                                                                                  Ramakrishna Mission, Visakhapatnam

                                                         Closing Song :  Balakashrama Boys


21-11-2012        Wednesday 

Mission centre, Putlampalli  

6.00 am           Vastu Homa and other Pujas
                         Lalitasahasra Nama Archana in the present shrine:
                                                    Swami Atmaghananandaji, Ramakrishna Math,Chennai

9.30 -12.15 noon   Inaugural meeting

                             President: Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji                 
                                                            Adhyaksha Ramakrishna Math, Chennai & Member Governing body Ramakrishna Mission

                                   Bhajans :  Sri Gururaj. Bangalore

                                   Welcome: Swami Atmavidanandaji
                                                         Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa

                                  Inaugural Address: Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji                 
 Speakers :                           
                                       Swami  Raghaveshanandaji
                                           Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Belgaum

                                        Swami Satyarupanandaji
                                          Secretary,Ramakrishna Mission, Raipur
                                       Swami Sukritanandaji,
                                          Acharya, Training Centre, Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math                                                                      

                                       Dr. Kamala Jaya Rao, Hyderabad      
                                       Vote of Thanks: Swami Padmasthanandaji
                                                                  Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Chennai
                                       Closing Song:    Swami Tadyuktanandaji,
                                                                                               Ramakrihsna Mission, Belgaum
3.00 -5.00 pm In the Kadapa town

                       Interfaith Devotees Procession:
                                Starts from   1.Devuni Kadapa,  2. Bada Darga 3.Vijaya Durga Temple  4. Jain  
                                temple  5. RCM  Church  6. Nabi Kot Shiva Temple- converges at Koti reddy Circle  
-          Students of various schools join the procession.

  Combined  procession at Kotireddy Circle - up to Rajiv park will be flagged off
   by Swami Jnanalokanandaji,Secretary,  Ramarkishna Mission, Baranagar, Kolkata
Mission Campus -Putlampalli    
6.30 -7.00 pm  Sandhyarati in the present shrine 

7.00 -8.30 pm   Cultural programme  : Mahishasura Mardhini and other dance dramas-
                                                                        Smt.Sandhya Murthy and troupe 
                                                                        Nritya Kala Nilayam, Anantapur
22-11-2012   Thursday
  5.00                   Mangalarati   

  5.00  -6.00 am   Sabhanganam

Ushakirtan -guided meditation: Swami Akshratmanandaji,
                                                   Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission ,  Rajahmundry
                                                   Dr. P.Shyamasundara Murthy, Guntur
   6.30  - 7.15 am   Procession of sadhus from the present shrine to new temple
   7.15 am               Consecration of the new temple :

                                      By Srimat Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj
                                           Vice President, Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math

   7.30 - 8.00 am           Breakfast Prasad

   8.00- 12.00 noon       Special puja in the new temple :Swami Shantatmanandaji,
                                                                                         Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi

                                     Tantra Dharak:  Swami Lokeshanandaji,Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Garbeta, WB

                                     Chandi Path : Swami Satyavidanandaji, Ramakrishna Math,Ulsoor Bangalore    

                                     Bhajans in the temple: Sadhus and devotees

   8.15 am                     Kumbhabhishekham, Vastu Homa , Poornahuti

   8.50 am                     Inauguration of the  ‘Jnana Mandapam’ Exhibition:             
                                     Swami Bodhasaranandaji Adhyaksha, Advaita Asharama, Mayavati &
                                                                              Member GB Ramakrishna Mission,


   08.00- 8.30 am    Bhajans :Smt. T.Srivani Arjun, 
                                                                             Principal, Saptaswara Sudha Muscial School, Kadapa


   9.00 am                Bhajans:  Swami Jnanadanandaji,
                                                         Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math,Hyderabad
   10.00 to 12.30noon      Public meeting         
                                Vedic Chanting: by Swami Bhaktikamanandaji ,
                                                                Ramakrishna Math, Coimbatore and other Monks
                                Welcome:   Swami Atmavidanandaji
                                                    Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa

        Benedictory address: Srimat Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj

                                Felicitation to Construction Team – Sri G.Venkataramana Reddy, Architect,
                                                                                           Sri  A.V.Subba Reddy engineer and others  
                                                                 Swami Amritanandaji   
                                                                 President, Ramakrishna Math, Visakhapatnam

                                                                MahaSahasra Avadhani
                                                                Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao, Hyderabad
                               Vote of Thanks:      Sri P.Venugopala Reddy
                                                               Vice President, Managing Committee, Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa
                                                                                    & Director Penna cement Industries, Hyderabad

                               Closing Song :Swami Swatmaramanandaji, Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore

12.30pm               Noon Prasad distribution   

  12.30 - 1.40 pm   Bhajans by Devotee groups

  1.45 -3.45  pm   Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna -Harikatha :
                                                                           by Sri  Chirra Venkateswarulu Bhagavatar,

  4.00  -6.15  pm   Public meeting

                                President:Swami Atmapriyanandaji, ViceChancellor,Vivekananda University, Belur Math

                                Opening Song: Swami Atmajnanandaji, Ramakrishna Math,Chennai

                                Welcome :  Swami Achintyanandaji, Ramakrihsna Mission, Kadapa
                 Speakers :                 
       Swami Supriyanandaji, Secretary.Ramakrishna Mission, Malyasia

                               Pravachana Chakravarti BramhaSri  
                               Chaganti Koteswara Rao, Kakinada

                               Vote of Thanks: Swami  Raghunayakanandaji, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad
                               Closing Song : Swami Ishapremanandaji, Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa
  6.30  - 7.00pm      Sandhyrati in the new temple

  7.00 - 8.30pm      Cultural programmes:
       Shivatandava Nrityam -  Nataraja Kala Nrutyajyothi Dance School
  23-11-2012       Friday

  6.00 - 10.30am      Chandi Homa in the new temple:
                                   Swami Shantatmanandaji
                                   Swami Atmapriyanandaji
                                   Swami Natarajanandaji,
                                   Swami Satyavidanandaji                                           

 10.30 to 12.00 Noon              Concluding public meeting

                                  Opening Song:  Swami Umeshwaranandaji, Ramakrishna Mission, Kankal

                                  Welcome:  Swami Muktidanandaji,
                                                     Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysore


                                  Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj

                                  Swami Raghunathanandaji,Ramakrishna Math,Belur

                                  Swami Shashikantanandaji                          
                                          Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Vijayawada

                                  Vote of Thanks :Swami Atmashraddhanandaji
                                                             Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

                                  Closing Song   Swami Shubhakaranandaji
                                                            Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math
 24-11-2012                   Saturday      -     Mantra Deeksha programme  


                Lighting the lamp by Sri Manish Kumar Sinha, IPS, SP, Kdp Dt
on 2nd oct 2012 - as part of 150th Birth  Anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda
                  Essay & Quiz competitons (Awakening India)
                                    Front view of the temple
                                    side view of the temple

Students attending the Personality Development work shop on 2nd Oct 2012

Thursday, 17 May 2012

As part of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda the first Ratha Yatra was conducted in a rural area called Rajupalem, Kadapa Dt. Pease view the photos.

Consecration of the Universal Temple of
Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna

20 – 23 November 2012



( A branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission, PO Belur Math, dt. Howrah, WB  711202)
Putlampalli, Near RIMS Hsopital, Kadapa 516002, Ph 200120, 200633
                                                   Trunk Road, Kadapa, 516001, Ph 241633
Email:     Web site:

Consecration of the Universal Temple of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna

Consecration of the Universal Temple of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna

By the grace of the Holy Trio, the Universal Temple of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna at Kadapa is nearing completion.  [As you may be already aware, the temple estimate was Rs.140 Lakhs. However, it has escalated by another Rs.20 Lakhs .]   It has been decided to consecrate of the temple and install the marble Statue of Sri Ramakrishna on Thursday, 22nd November 2012(Holy Jagaddhatri Puja Day).  In this connection there will be celebrations for 4 days from 20th to 23rd November.  Devotees and admirers of the Holy Trio are most welcome to the celebrations.

Most Revered Swami Smarananandaji Mj, Vice President Mj of the Ramakrishna Order has kindly agreed to grace the occasion and perform the Consecration ceremony.   About 250 Monks and Brahmacharins  and about 5000 devotees (2000 from  outside Kadapa) are expected to participate.  The programmes include Vastu Homa and Special  Pujas, processions of sadhus and devotees,  discourses by senior monks and other eminent persons,  bhajans and cultural programmes, release of a souvenir  etc.  These celebrations are estimated to cost Rs.45.00 Lakhs, We appeal to all the devotees and admirers to generously contribute their might for the holy cause and make the celebrations a grand and memorable occasion and get the blessings of the Holy Trio. 

We welcome you to consider sponsoring any of the following items fully or partly

Expenditure on the special pujas and Homas       Rs. 100,000/-
Breakfast  for the devotees & sadhus for 4 days   Rs.   40,000/- per day    
Lunch Prasad on 22.11.2012 the main day           Rs. 400,000/-
Lunch Prasad on other three days
                                        of the programme           Rs. 200,000/- per day
Evening tea & snacks for four days of the programme Rs.  25,000/- per day
Night Prasad on 4 days of the programme            Rs. 100,000/- per day

On this auspicious occasion, we are planning to bring out a souvenir containing learned articles from senior monks of the order; details regarding the growth of the Ramakrishna movement in Kadapa and, also about the world wide Ramakrishna Math and Mission.  We specially appeal to the business community, to reserve advertisement space in the souvenir.  The souvenir will have a large circulation and will reach all areas of the country and abroad.

The advertisement tariff is as follows:

Back cover page – 4 colour printing               Rs.30,000/-
Inside cover pages – 4 colour printing            Rs.20,000/-
Special color page – Single colour printing     Rs.10,000/-
Ordinary – Single colour printing                     Rs.  5,000/-
Single line at the bottom of the articles            Rs. 3,000/-

Cheques or DDs must be drawn in favour of Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa payable at  cuddapah (old spelling still in use in banks). You can also directly remit the amount into our State Bank of India  account by e transfer.  Details are as follows: Ramakrishna Mission A/c No 30186936408 at SBI, RIMS Branch Cuddapah.  Bank code : SBIN 0010107.  Please intimate us the donor's name and full address as soon as you send the amount by e-transfer for reconciling our a/cs at this end and issue of the receipt.   All donations to the Ramarkishna Mission are exempt from payment of Income tax under Section 80G of the IT Act.
                                                                                                           Swami Atmavidananda                                                                                                                           

Note:  Please see other pages for enrolment & participation in the consecration programmes.


20 – 23  NOVEMBER 2012


Tentative Programme:

·        20 Nov: The Vastu Homa etc will start and programme by children and youth in the evening.
·        21 Nov:  The Vastu Homa etc will continue. Formal inauguration of the celebrations in the morning.  A colourful all-religion-procession in the town in the afternoon, and cultural programme in the evening. 
·        22 Nov: (The main day) Procession of sadhus with Holy Trio portraits and installation in the morning, followed by programmes during day.
·        23 Nov: Chandi Homa in the new temple by sadhus and the concluding meeting in the morning. Sadhus and others start departing after  lunch.
·        24th Mantra Diksha  for devotees by Rev. Vice President Maharaj  (Applications to be submitted in advance)

Special information for Local devotees

All the local devotees who participate in the above porgrammes will be provided with free Noon Prasad on all the three days 21, 22 and 23 Nov 12. from 12.30 am to 2.30 pm and also brake-fast on  22nd morning after consecration. 

However they are welcome to become Local Delegates by paying Rs.150/- and avail of other facilities (like Break-fast, evening tea & dinner).

Information for outstation devotees

Accommodation for the delegates coming from outside Kadapa will be available from 21 November  morning to 23 Nov. evening.  There are 3 types of arrangements:

A.     General Delegate:  (Rs.250/-) accommodation will be in big dormitories with carpet spread on the floor.  Common toilet facilities will be available - like in Kalayanamandapam  buildings.  Transport between place of accommodation and the Ashrama campus will be arranged.  Mosquito coils will be arranged in the dormitories.  Delegates are requested to bring their own sheets for spreading and covering.

B.     Special Delegate:  (Rs.600/-) accommodation will be in rooms for 4 to 6 people with toilet facility.(including European toilets near by)  Mattress & pillow will be provided.  Transport between place of accommodation and the Ashrama campus will be arranged.  Mosquito coils will be arranged in the rooms.  Delegates are requested to bring their own sheets for spreading and covering.
C.     Special Resident Delegate: (Rs.400/-) those who need special arrangements can book in hotels and lodges for stay. They can however enroll themselves as Special Resident Delegate   and  avail of Prasad in the Ashrama. A list of hotels/lodges  with phone numbers are given separately. Please contact them directly for booking. (about 10-12 kms)

Last Date for enrolment is 31 July 2012      

1.  In Kadapa, mattresses in sufficient numbers are not available on rent. Hence new mattresses are being purchased in good numbers for use of devotees and Sadhus.  We propose to distribute extra mattresses to free hostels, anatha ashramas in and around Kadapa  after the programme.  In this type of situation Special delegates are requested to enroll as early as possible, without waiting for the last date, and help us in making proper arrangements.                                                                                                                                        

2.  Separate accommodation for ladies and gents will be made for general & special delegates

3. Transportation will be provided in the morning to all the devotees (general and Special) who are accommodated in distant places for coming to the Mission campus, for attending the programmes  and again in the evening after the programmes, for going to their respective locations. 

4. Some buses also will be plying at regular intervals from the city centre  to new campus via new and old bus stands.  Local devotees and those who stay in lodges may avail of the same.

Payment:   The delegate fee may be paid by cash at the ashrama office, or my MO or by DD (favouring Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa) payable at Cuddapah.  (We request you to add your kind donation along with delegate fee for the above cause)

The enrolled delegates may please produce  the acknowledgement /money receipt /Bank challan at the  reception counter  for getting badge and details about accommodation etc .  

Important: Kadapa is a small place with limited facilities. Making accommodation and other arrangements are a challenging task.   So we need to know early the number of devotees coming for the programme. Please enroll as early as possible and help us serve you better. Please do not wait for the last date. 

For any other details about the celebrations you can contact cell No 9248545012. You can also see all the details in our website,   You can down load the enrolment form and send the same enclosing the amount required (delegate fee and donation) by DD



STD code:08562

Ashoka Lodge
S-Rs.200/-;  D-Rs.320/-

Blue Diamond
S-Rs.300/-;   D-Rs.600/-  

City Lodge
242542, 9866855387
S-Rs.300/-;   D-Rs.500/-;   X – 750/- AX-1200/-

Hari Priya
244914  to 244917
D-Rs. 999/-;  T- Rs.1458/-;

D-Rs. 900/-;  T-Rs.1850/-;   AD- Rs.1300/-;  

Lakshmi Priya
S-Rs.300/-; D-Rs.400/-; AD-Rs.70
\0/-; AX-Rs.1000/-; AY-Rs.900/-  

National Lodge
 D- Rs. 600/-;   T- Rs.800/- AD- 1100/-  AT- 1350/-

Shiva Sai Residency
AS- Rs. 1000/-;   AD-Rs. 1300;   AX- Rs. 1600/- AY-Rs.2000/-

Sree Ram Lodge
D- Rs.300/-; T- Rs. 400/-;  AD- Rs. 600/-; AT- Rs. 700/-

Swagat Residency
224666; 8897945213
AS- Rs. 600/-;  AD- Rs. 1350/-

Sreenivasa Residency
278908 &09;
AS-Rs. 1050/-; Ad-Rs.1250/-; AX - Rs1850/-, AZ- Rs.2050/-

Sidda Priya
249491; 8019871352
S-Rs.200/-;  D-Rs.300/-;

S- Rs.300/-   D-Rs400/- T- Rs. 500/-;   AD- Rs. 700/-;AT- 800/-

243229, 242181
s-Rs.250/-;  D-Rs.400/-; AD- Rs.800/-


S-   Non AC single Room;  D- Non AC double room;  T-Non AC three bed room;  X- non AC Suite; Y-NonAC dormitory

AS- AC Single room; AD-AC double room; AT- AC 3bed room; AX- AC suite; AY- AC dormitory

Amount indicate charges per room per day;  Please contact the lodges directly for more clarifications and reservation

                                                         RAMAKRISHNA MISSION, KADAPA
                    20 – 23  NOVEMBER 2012

                     Pratinidhi namodu patram

Name:                                     Age                male/female

Full postal address:                                          Phone: 



Please enroll me as a  (Tick one)
[A] general  delegate  (Rs.250/-)  Sadharana Pratinidhi ,             
[B] Speial  delegate (Rs.600/-)   Pratyeka Pratinidhi
[C] we are booking our accommodation  in the hotel/lodge. Please enroll us as. Special resident delegate ( Rs.400/-) Pratyeka Avasa Pratinidhi 
[D]  Local delegate (Rs.150/-) Local Pratinidhi

Also accept our donation of  Rs.                               for the celebrations.
Utsavaniki Maa viralamu kooda  Rs.                         sweekarinchandi

Payment mode and detail:

Date                                                                    signature of the delegate

(separate form should be filled by each delegate.  Amount may be paid together  and a list of delegates attached to the covering letter if they are in groups)  

Last date for enrolment   31.7.2012
(You can may photo copies of the above enrolment form if necessary)

Route Map



Commeorative souvenir on the occasion of
Consecration of the Universal Temple of
Bhagavan  Sri Ramakrishna

(To be released on 21st November 2012)
                                      ORDER FORM

Please tick in front of the appropriate item:

Back cover page – 4 colour printing               (Rs.30,000/-)  
Inside cover page – 4 colour printing            (Rs.20,000/-)
Special color page – Single colour printing     (Rs.10,000/-)
Ordinary –  Single colour  printing                   (Rs.  5,000/-)
Single line at the bottom of the articles            (Rs. 3,000/-)
Technical Details:  Size  18cm x 24cm             Print area  14.5cmx 21cm
Matter/soft copy of the advertisement in colour/B&W is enclosed here with
Cash/Cheque/DD No                        Date                            
Please draw the Cheques or DDs drawn in favour of Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa payable at Kadapa

Please send to:
Secretary                                                                             Full Name and Address
Ramakrishna Mission
Near RIMS Hospital,
Kadapa 516002
                                                                                            Phone No: